Improve the life quality of people by contributing to the reduction of nosocomial hospital and community infections.


Within five years become a global reference in innovation for prevention of nosocomial infections and the environment safety of patients and civilians.

Bartolomé Soler Lioi

Boardmember, Co-Founder

Gastón Tello Fernandez

Business Development Director, Co-Founder

Tamara Viviani Salgado

Medical Director

Victor Pineda

CEO, Boardmember

CUNOV was born in 2013 under the concerns of the PUC University Engineering students, Bartolomé Soler and Gastón Tello. During their studies they found in copper and its antimicrobial benefits a great potential to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI’s).
With the spirit of improving their country’s healthcare issues, CUNOV initiates the development of non-disruptive and low cost copper products.

Early in 2014, PUC University Professor and Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Tamara Viviani joins CUNOV’s team. Under her lead, a pilot project implementation was done at Dr. Sótero del Rio Hospital’s pediatric ICU, to test CUNOV’s Antimicrobial Copper Adhesive Coatings.

After outstanding results in this project, the firm obtains the Antimicrobial Copper CU+ certification, becoming the worlds first company to be certified with low thickness copper applications.

In 2015 Victor Pineda, Engineer with vast experience in the IT industry integrates the team to support the business strategy of the company.